Miracle Morning

Well I’m reading a new book and turning a new page in my career. The book is called Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod. It recommends some things that a lot of great achievers do to separate themselves from the pack. One of the things is getting up at abnormally early hours. I am talking about before 6am. Most of the followers start at 5 and then soon go to 4 or earlier. There are several reasons for that but among them are allowing for personal time to do things like exercise, meditate, hydrate and plan  your day and as you are reading now, journaling. Now as a relatively new father of 2 under 5 year old children, this makes a lot of sense to me. You tend to lose a lot of your “me” time once kids come along.

As work from home father, that can mean that your business can suffer because  some of my “me” time was spent on recovery time that made me more productive when I was working by giving me time to do things that I enjoy that help recharge the batteries like golf or fly fishing and some was spent on business and day planning. I think one of the most missed parts of business productivity is time blocking and being intentional in your daily activities instead of being reactionary.

Today I want to focus today on the journaling part. Why would I want to journal? Well as a late in life ADD diagnosed person, it can help to clear the mind from all of that pent up mental energy that often feels like a ping pong ball bouncing around in my head randomly changing my thoughts to whatever synapse or brain tissue it excites next. It is a creative outlet that serves the same purpose as list making, and carrying around a small notebook or using Keep or Evernote to write down those little things that jump in  your mind while you are going about your daily routine. Those things can be great ideas you have or just a reminder to go get milk before you go home. Most importantly though, this allows you to keep the RAM in your  brain clear to run the operating system more efficiently much like an transferring your OS in your computer to and SSD and leaving a nice fat hard drive for all of the junk you need to store.

I came across some writings of a well respected author in the golf space who unfortunately passed a few years ago in 2013. His name is Carey Mumford. He was a Wake Forest and Colgate School of Divinty graduate, a chaplain and a golf consultant to top level players and teachers. He wrote an article that caught my attention a few years ago that has just come back up called “How Learning Happens”

In it he describes the progress toward the ideal execution of a motor skill that he calls subconscious competence. That is the state in which we can perform an activity with ease and precisely without thinking about it like driving a car or riding a bicycle. I have spent some time studying this myself as I was a golf instructor as a profession in the past and I still work a little with some of my past students on their golf game. I have heard countless times when a great shot was pulled off by one of the masters of the game under unbelievable pressure when asked what they were thinking about and the typical answer was either “nothing” or “I can’t remember.” I don’t think that is a coincidence either. In today’s highly competitive golf world, things like this are not left to chance among the golfing elite on the PGA tour and they employ sports psychologists to help them reach this stage of subconscious competence often referred to of being in “the zone”.

More to come on this later, I’ve been up since 4:30 and it is 6:30 and I hear the kids on the baby monitor starting to wake up. Time to go play my favorite role of Daddy.






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My Family


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Family Trees

This is a story about two little trees…

Mommy and Daddy Tree

Who would not give up, even though they were not planted in fertile ground.

They were struggling to survive wondering where they belonged and needing something to live for. God told them they were to bloom where they were planted and trust in Him that He would provide.

And so He did and he gave them a little tree to love, also born out of difficult circumstances but now thriving in the new soil where it was planted.

Aubrey Tree





In the meantime there was a fourth tree. Though it had been cut back several times and shrouded by the garden around it, it still emerged over the under growth, too innocent to know that is should not be thriving in such an odd place.

Aiden Tree





So the four trees came together to form a family, their bonds formed not from blood but by love and they were strengthened by their shared circumstances and trust in the Lord.

These trees started emerging from the edge of our flower garden where we cleaned out and put new landscaping fabric over all but the existing flowers a few years ago so as not to have any “volunteer” weeds or other unwanted growth forming.  Steph called them “weeds”as they were still pretty small and she usually pulls the weeds out but these were no normal little “weeds”.  

When I went to investigate I discovered that they were in fact, little trees.  After they started to grow a little and she asked me about pulling them, I was thinking about George Strait’s little flower growing up in the middle of the sidewalk in the song “I saw God today”.  The challenge that these trees have gone through just to survive where they are is incredible. We don’t take great care of the garden and have even been successful in even killing a cactus! We don’t have a green thumb between us. 

With that thought in mind, I thought, you know what, those two trees were not just trees, they were me and Stephanie. We might have not have come together under the best of circumstances and the Lord knows the struggle that what we have been through would have toppled many, but we have survived and the struggle has made us a stronger couple. 

Oddly enough, another new and even smaller one has bursted from underneath that same landscaping fabric on the other side of the house.

The forth and final one has fought it’s way right through the hasta at the end of the garden where the drive angles out and everyone accidentally runs over it when leaving our house. It’s been run over by cars over and over against and I’ve tried cutting it back several times now as it is right in the middle of the other plant but it just keeps on coming back. 

I guess we’ll all just keep thriving where the good Lord put us and quit questioning it.

Our Family Tree. 




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Conway Adoption Fundraiser BBQ

Conway Fundraiser

Conway Adoption Fundraiser

When: Saturday October 25

Where: Gladeville Community Center
95 Mccreary Rd, Lebanon, TN 37087


  • Cornhole for all and sidewalk chalk and games for little ones start at 4:00
  • Texas styled Brisket
  • TN style Pulled Pork with all the Fixings
  • Peach Cobbler with home made ice cream
  • Dinner at 5:00-7:00
  • Pick Up Orders text to 615-838-8777 from 4-5:30
  • Alabama VS Tennessee Football on the Big Screen
  • Silent Auction ongoing throughout event
  • Bring a folding chair for TV or by the fire
  • Online Donations at www.adopttogther.com/dreamchild

RSVP on Facebook at  Aubrey&BubbaQue  or email

*Recommended min donation $20 ea. or $50 per family. Of course we’ll take more and we can use it 😉 but just want to make sure our food costs are covered.



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Wall Street Landlords 

Wall Street Landlords Buy Bad Loans for Cheaper HomesBloomberg



7 hours ago Wall Street-backed landlords are showing a greater appetite for bad mortgages as a source for cheap property as the supply of foreclosed 

The shift to loans comes after foreclosure starts dropped to the lowest level since 2006 and house prices jumped in Atlanta, Phoenix and other markets where investors have made the most purchases. The development is raising concern among housing advocates that private equity firms and hedge funds will be more likely to take possession of the properties rather than offer loan modifications. Residents may be displaced or transformed into renters of their former houses.


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Gold Ratio Charts – Gold Seek


Gold Ratio Charts It was only recently that I looked at the Dow Jones Industrials/Gold ratio (DJI/Gold ratio). I wanted … If both the 18-month and the 4-year MA crossed over the 7-year MA then it would be a signal that the long-term trend has shifted in favour of …


photo photo


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Bernanke Speaks and Mortgage Rates Lowered

U.S. Homebuying Math Bolstered by Bernanke’s Surprise – Bloomberg


Jersey Evening Post U.S. Homebuying Math Bolstered by Bernanke’s Surprise Kenyatta Harper, a freelancer for advertising agencies, is trading the one-bedroom Brooklyn, New York apartment she’s renting for $1,600 a month for a two-family home nearby that cost her about $600,000. “I can pay about the same as I would for rent … Trulia Reports Buying a Home Still 35 Percent Cheaper Than Renting Nationally …Wall Street Journal all 34 news articles »



For more information or to inquire into rates go to www.mtjulietmortgage.com

Wade Conway NMLS#157765

Lincoln Home Loans NMLS#158113

2400 Crestmoor Rd Nashville, TN 37215

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FHA mortgage offers comeback for bankrupt borrowers

FHA mortgage offers comeback for bankrupt borrowers

FHA mortgage offers comeback for bankrupt borrowers


Posted: 13 Sep 2013 09:36 PM PDT

The housing crisis and the recession crushed a lot of Americans who lost their jobs and their homes in an economic tsunami that spread throughout the world. Now the FHA is offering a chance for some of those consumers to qualify for a new home loan. New FHA guidelines announced August 15, 2013, in Mortgagee Letter 2013-26 say that borrowers who meet certain criteria and qualify for a loan under FHA requirements will be able to apply for an FHA loan without the usual mandatory waiting period after a foreclosure, short sale or bankruptcy.

The new program, known as “Back to Work – Extenuating Circumstances” applies to FHA loans issued between August 15, 2013, and September 30, 2016, and is available for purchase loans and refinancing.

Standard FHA loan guidelines for credit scores and debt-to-income ratio and full documentation of income, job history and assets must be met.

FHA requirements

In addition to meeting general FHA requirements, borrowers must provide documentation that they experienced what the FHA calls an “economic event.” The event, which must be either unemployment, the loss of income or both, must have caused a reduction in the borrowers” income of 20 percent or more for at least six months or more. Besides providing proof of the economic event, borrowers must prove that they had good credit before the job loss or loss of income and that any subsequent bad credit was a result of the economic event.

More info, this is much better though

Borrowers must also prove they have fully recovered financially from the event. Their credit history must be clear of any late payments for at least 12 months on installment debt and mortgage or rent payments and clear of any major derogatory issues on revolving credit accounts. No collections or judgments can be part of the credit report unless they involve medical bills or identity theft.

The FHA also requires borrowers to participate in an FHA-approved housing counseling program before a new FHA loan can be approved.

FHA lenders must verify that at least one year has passed since the foreclosure, short sale or bankruptcy and that the economic event was directly responsible for the bankruptcy or foreclosure rather than any irresponsible behavior by the borrowers.

FHA loans carry higher mortgage insurance premium costs than conventional loans, but they are often the only option for borrowers who have experienced credit issues or financial challenges in the recent past.

Michele Lerner

Michele Lerner, author of “HOMEBUYING: Tough Times, First Time, Any Time,” has been writing about personal finance and real estate for more than two decades for a variety of publications and websites including The Washington Post, The Motley Fool, Investopedia, Insurance.com, HSH.com, SavingsAccount.com, National Real Estate Investor magazine, The Washington Times, Urban Land magazine, NAREIT”s REIT magazine and numerous Realtor associations.



Wade Conway

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Wilson County is the Fastest growing County in TN according to latest Census

 If you need a realtor to find out why, give my friend 

Joseph Goodman a call 615-476-2193 or 615-444-7100





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Lincoln Home Loans Your Newest  Mortgage Broker in Wilson County Tennessee

Welcome to Lincoln Home Loans!

              —–Your Honest Lender—–



New Company!

I have joined Lincoln Home Loans as the VP of Business Development.

I will be working the Mount Juliet, Lebanon and Wilson County Marketplace.

Give me a ring!


Wade Conway

VP Business Development

2400 Crestmoor Rd 
Nashville, TN 37215 


NMLS# 157765


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