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Mortgage Backed Securities and Treasuries Tank

The Fannie Mae 4.0 Bond dropped over 200 ticks today in a major correction. All parties, banks, insurance, hedge funds ect. were selling in a big way. The effect will be in mortgage rates on new origination rising .375 to … Continue reading

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Are S&P and Moody’s Credit Ratings concerning the U.S. Worthless?

Upon insurmountable debt, the failure of government owned Fannie and Freddie and the obviously unending spending frenzy of the government how can the credit rating agencies still be giving US credit the highest rating? It is rumored that backĀ  in … Continue reading

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Making Home Affordable

Well we have yet another change to the government programs to help homeowners out there. I think this just goes to show you about the inefficiency of government. This is the third program in less than 6 months that has … Continue reading

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