Sick, and a little sick and tired… Again

Well the Pirate is down with another sinus infection. It seems like I get them every year about this time as the seasons change and the pollen starts flying. I got a little sick too when a loan that I was working on was fumbled by my substitute processor while the first stringer was scuba diving in Cozumel. It looks like it is back on course again but it came a day after a client backed out of a refi scheduled to close the next day.

It kind of hits me hard when I get two fall out so close to the same time frame. I have had dozens of folks that I have contacted and some that I have taken full aps on waiting for the magic potion from Uncle Obama to lower their rate and make their mortgage payments for them. I guess some are getting their wish and I’m sure I’ll be one of the many who help them out, but it seems like it is taking forever and some will not budge.

I guess a part of me feels like it is not right to bail out those that made the mistake of taking out too much mortgage in the first place. I feel like I lost a lot of business to the unscrupulous “brokers” that were offering them these crazy rates to begin with at costs that were not reasonable while the honest guys were overlooked as being too expensive.

I try to stress to folks the seriousness of the transaction and that it should not be bid out to the lowest bidder, but unfortunately, many folks did not care. They shopped for a mortgage like they were shopping for a toaster. Nothing matters but the cost. I guess people will realize now that is not smart, but they are getting bailed out without penalty. I guess it is only fair that most of the guys still left in the industry are the straight shooters and it is them that will benefit the most from trying to solve this mess.

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