Tucker, The Car movie about Preston Tucker

I just watched this again and recommend it to all. It is really a sad commentary about the haves fighting like hell to keep the have nots from playing in their game. It is like the old caste system in England.

One of the funny lines in the movie was at the end in closing at the trial when Tucker said he still had to believe in the free market system otherwise we would be buying all of our stuff from the very countries we whipped in WWII.

After the mortgage meltdown and the HUGE National debt, we not only buy their goods, they are quickly buying up all of our assets while we keep on buying cars, boats, toys and other junk that depreciates with money we don’t have.

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One Response to Tucker, The Car movie about Preston Tucker

  1. JL Mealer says:

    This is happening right now… today…
    Mealer vs GM, GMAC et al

    The Mealer Automobile has been shut down even before getting a chance to begin production and we have their signed letter of confession (from GM) for using GMAC to access this GMAC mortgaged Mealer Companies HQ to destroy us.

    The saga may not be a movie, but it could certainly be a tragic comedy mini series…

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