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Tucker, The Car movie about Preston Tucker

I just watched this again and recommend it to all. It is really a sad commentary about the haves fighting like hell to keep the have nots from playing in their game. It is like the old caste system in … Continue reading

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Are we Going “In the Red”?

Are we on a slippery slope to communism just like Marx said that we would destroy ourselves from inside? We have talked about this in Church a lot and it seems like every step we take as a society both … Continue reading

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A Pirate Looks at Forty

Although I am still a year and 8 months away, here is where you will find information about the thoughts and changes about reaching middle age. Reminiscing on what I’ve done and what I want to do and how a … Continue reading

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Tiger in the 2009 Masters

Well I think we all know this is where he will likely make his return. It is the first major and his knee should have had plenty of time to heal by then. I doubt that he will take a … Continue reading

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The Science of Search

This is where I explore how to use online marketing, web 2.0, search engine optimization, social marketing, and video sites like google video and Utube to set up a marketing funnel where you don’t have to continue chasing prospects. Networks … Continue reading

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